FIYAH Literary Magazine Grant 2022 for Black writers

The FIYAH Literary Magazine Grant 2022 for Black authors is now accepting applications.

FIYAH Literary Magazine Grant

The FIYAH Literary Magazine Grant Series is designed to help Black speculative fiction authors cover the expenses of improving their art.

The following grants are available:

Rest Grant: The FIYAH Rest Grant is for activists and organizers who have worked on behalf of the SFF community in the past but need a break or time to recommit to their particular efforts. A 1-2 page personal statement about one’s history of work or continuing efforts on behalf of an inclusive SFF space is included in the application materials.

Emergency Award (2x $500): This is a need-based grant to help Black SFF authors who are experiencing financial hardships that are preventing them from writing. Threats of eviction, payment of school tuition, compromised or damaged equipment, accident, travel for family care-taking at a time of crisis, or disaster or medical-related assistance are all examples of emergency situations. The Emergency Grant is given out twice a year, in March and October. A one-page statement describing the nature of the immediate need for funding and how it will be used is required as part of the application.

Study Grant: This award will be used to cover the expenses of attending seminars, retreats, or undertaking research for a writing project. Proof of admittance to a workshop or retreat (if relevant), a 1-page description of the research-intensive activity, and a 3000-word writing sample are all required.

Craft Grant: This grant is given to a writer based on a WIP sample or project proposal that they have submitted, with the goal of aiding with the project’s completion. A 5-kiloword writing sample, a 1-page proposal or overview of the project in issue, and an introduction paper outlining your project aim after completion are all required.

Editorial Grant: The FIYAH Editorial Grant is a stipend for Black editors approved for an unpaid editorial internship or fellowship in a publishing firm or literary agency in 2022-23.

A personal essay explaining your editing experience (or lack thereof) as well as your professional growth and career goals as an editor, agent, or other industry professional are required as part of the application process. A comprehensive review of science fiction or fantasy book or novella you’ve read in the last year is also necessary.


The series contains three $1,000 awards that will be awarded each year based on a set of entry criteria. With the exception of the Emergency Grant, all grants will be granted and distributed at Juneteenth each year. The $500 emergency grant will be given out twice a year.

FIYAH Literary Magazine Grant | Eligibility Criteria

Applicants for any FIYAH Grant must meet the following requirements:

  • By June 19th of the application year, you must be 18 years old.
  • Become a speculative fiction author. Fantasy, science fiction, horror, magical realism, and their subgenres all fall under the umbrella of speculative fiction.
  • FIYAH Grants are available to Black individuals of the African Diaspora, much like their other applications. This concept is universal (Black people everywhere) and includes mixed/biracial and Afro-appended persons of all gender identities and orientations.

How to Apply for the FIYAH Literary Magazine Grant

To apply for a grant, go to the following link:

Visit FIYAH Grant for further details.

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