FAO-Hungarian Government 2022 Scholarship Program

FAO-Hungarian Government Scholarship: For the academic year 2022/2023, the Hungarian Government University of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Buda Campus, Budapest, will offer the following Master of Science degree in English:

Engineering for food safety and quality (the Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences).

The scholarship’s goal is to educate master’s level food safety and quality engineers who can use their microbiological, molecular biological, toxicological, and analytical chemical knowledge to control and check the production and distribution of high-quality food that is suitable for human nutrition in all ways.

Type: Postgraduate

Organization: Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO)

Country to study: Hungary

School to study: the Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Course to study: Not specified

State of Origin

Gender: Men and Women

FAO-Hungarian Government Scholarship Program: Aims and Benefits

The scholarship will cover the following expenses:

  • Application and tuition expenses for the duration of the program, as well as basic books and notes;
  • Accommodation in a dorm
  • Costs of living
  • Health insurance 

Requirements for FAO-Hungarian Government Scholarship Program

  • Be a citizen and live in one of the qualified nations.
  • Outstanding academic accomplishments.
  • The ability to communicate in English (for courses taught in English).
  • Be inspired.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Candidates under the age of 30 are encouraged to apply.

Process of Selection for the FAO-Hungarian Government Scholarship

There will be two stages to the student selection process:

Phase 1: FAO will pre-screen individuals and submit applications to Hungary’s Ministry of Agriculture, which will forward them to the applicants’ preferred university.

Only COMPLETE dossiers must be submitted by students. Dossiers that are incomplete will not be evaluated. Unnamed files will not be handled.

Phase 2: As part of the admissions process, selected students may be required to take a written or oral English test. The participating university will conduct a second round of selection and notify all successful applicants.

The Universities will be solely responsible for student selection, with no intervention from the FAO. The Ministry will also notify a select group of pupils.

Documents Required for Application

  • a completed application form
  • a recent curriculum vitae
  • A copy of your high school/college diploma, as well as your transcripts/reports of studies, or a copy of the diploma attachment
  • a copy of your English proficiency certificate
  • Copies of the necessary passport pages, including the expiry date and passport number
  • A recommendation letter
  • Motivational statement
  • a medical doctor’s certificate of good health
  • Local police authority issues a Certificate of Good Conduct.

How to Apply for the FAO-Hungarian Government Scholarship

The application form and accompanying dossier should be sent to [email protected]

The Application Form may be downloaded here.

Deadline for application: February 28, 2022

Visit the FAO website for further information.

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