European University Institute Policy Leader Fellowship 2022

The European University Institute Policy Leader Fellowship 2022–2023 is now accepting applications.

European University Institute Policy Leader Fellowship

The Policy Leader Fellowship is a worldwide program that brings together early and mid-career policy practitioners from across the globe to improve their work and professional abilities via seminars, training, skills development sessions, conferences, and other activities.

The scholarships are for five or ten months (set duration in the first or second semester) (the fixed term from September to the end of June).

They also get the opportunity to meet with other fellows, policymakers, and academics at the EUI.

Candidates may specify their preferences when applying, however once chosen for a given start date and time, no adjustments or extensions are possible.

Fellows who come to Florence for five months give a presentation of their work in progress to the School of Transnational Governance (STG) community and later to a broader policy audience; produce at least one publication; participate in EUI seminars and workshops with other stakeholders, and contribute to the school’s training program.

Fellows who remain for the whole academic year are expected to work on huge international initiatives with a high chance of success and a large multiplier impact in the policy sphere, typically in partnership with other organizations.


  • The monthly base grant is €2,500.
  • Other funds or incomes received by successful candidates must be disclosed to the EUI. Depending on the amount of supplementary income, the Fellowship amount will be set at a lower rate (minimum €1,750 per month) (upon production of relevant supporting documents).
  • If a Fellow has a spouse, a household stipend of up to €300 per month is provided if the partner lives with him/her in Florence and the partner’s salary is less than €2,000 per month. The total monthly income and allowance cannot exceed €2,000 (i.e., if the income is greater than €1,700, the allowance will only be provided to bring the total to €2,000).
  • Each dependent kid receives a monthly payment of €200. Fellows are eligible for these benefits if they can demonstrate that they are not getting a comparable benefit from another source and submit the necessary documentation (i.e. marriage or partner certificate, or proof of cohabitation in Florence; birth certificates).
  • A school or university degree is necessary for dependent children in full-time education who are above the age of 18. Over the age of 26, no allowance is granted for dependent children.
  • Fellows (but not their families) are reimbursed for their arriving flight from their home country to Florence, as well as their departure flight from Florence to their final destination. The maximum amount of travel compensation is €1,200, which includes both the inbound and outbound journey. The cost of a taxi is not covered.

European University Institute Policy Leader Fellowship Requirements

  • Early- or mid-career professionals (e.g., in politics, the civil service, the media, and non-governmental organizations) who can show both professional experience and promise for future excellence in the policy realm are eligible to apply.
  • Individuals who are really interested in policy concerns, particularly those concerning international governance.
  • Self-motivated, with the ability to submit a detailed work plan for the fellowship that demonstrates what the candidate will accomplish and how this effort will have a multiplier impact after the fellowship ends.
  • Contributors who are curious and involved.
  • Fellows are members of the EUI community and take part in peer conversations on issues that may or may not be their area of expertise.

Standards of Assessment

  • Professional excellence is evaluated based on the candidate’s contributions to the given policy field as outlined in the CV, sample policy-related work (based on the applicant’s social media links, website links, attachment of samples of articles, policy papers, or other related output), and additional supporting evidence (i.e. letter of reference) of the application.
  • STG has no thematic preferences and is open to any field of policy work. Work/focus area: The topics of the application are to be decided by the applicant; STG has no thematic preferences and is open to any field of policy work.
  • Plans for the fellowship period: Applicants are judged on the professional content as well as the practicality of their workplan. Applicants who can contribute to the STG’s programs and activities, as well as benefit from the fellowship program and their time at the STG and the EUI in general, will be given priority.
  • Variety: The PLF aspires to gender balance and thematic and geographic diversity among its members.

Application for European University Institute Policy Leader Fellowship

The Online Application Form must be used to submit applications.

There are no paper forms to fill out or send in; applications sent in hard copy or by email will not be accepted.

To Apply, Click Here
For More Information: Visit this Page
Deadline: January 25, 2022

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