Eugene C Pulliam Fellowship for Editorial Writing 2022 (up to $75,000)

Eugene C Pulliam Fellowship for Editorial Writing is now accepting applications from eligible candidates for the year 2022.

The Eugene C. Pulliam Fellowship was designed to provide time away from everyday duties for study and research for a mid-career editorial writer or columnist.

The Eugene C. Pulliam Fellowship is a Foundation initiative of the Society of Professional Journalists.

Nina Pulliam supplied financing for the fellowship when it was originally granted by the Society of Professional Journalists in 1977.

It is named after Mrs. Pulliam’s husband, who was one of the Society’s founding members when it was created in 1909 as Sigma Delta Chi (now called the Society of Professional Journalists Foundation).

The Indianapolis Star, The Indianapolis News, The Arizona Republic, and The Phoenix Gazette were all published by Eugene C. Pulliam.

Fellowship: The Pulliam Fellowship awards $75,000 to an outstanding editorial writer or columnist to help broaden his or her journalistic horizons and knowledge of the world.

The annual award can be used to cover the cost of study, research and/or travel in any field. The fellowship results in editorials and other writings, including books.

Eugene C Pulliam Fellowship Requirements

  • The applicant must work for a news organization in the United States as a part-time or full-time editorial writer or columnist.
  • Freelance opinion writers who dedicate the bulk of their time or earn the majority of their money from that endeavor are also encouraged to apply.
  • Have at least three years of editorial or columnist experience.
    Exhibit exceptional writing and analytical skills.
  • Obtain guarantees from the editor or publisher that the candidate will be given enough time to complete the fellowship without endangering their career. (Fellows are not required to quit their occupations.)
  • Demonstrate your capacity to publish your work within 18 months after being chosen. (Work must be published within 18 months after earning the fellowship if chosen.)
  • All submissions must be written in English.

After the fellowship, the chosen candidate must provide a written report on how the funds were used. Each Fellowship winner will serve as a mentor to the recipient the following year.

How to Apply for Eugene C Pulliam Fellowship

The Fellowship has no formal application form. Each applicant should submit the following materials to [email protected]:

  • A cover letter stating the purpose and nature of the proposed study, a timeline for accomplishing the work, and a plan for how the stipend will be used. The cover letter should contain complete contact information for the applicant including mailing address, telephone number, and e-mail address.
  • The editor’s endorsement.
  • A one-page professional biography and summary of professional experience.
  • Five samples of editorials or columns.

Deadline: June 20, 2022

Visit the official website for more information.

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