ETH Student Summer Research Fellowship 2022

The ETH Student Summer Research Fellowship 2022 is currently accepting applications.

ETH Student Summer Research Fellowship

Undergraduate and graduate students may use the Fellowship to obtain their first research experience in a field of their choosing.

The fellowship offered by the ETH Computer Science Department lasts for two summer months and is accessible to students from all around the globe.

In the field of computer science, the department is devoted to improving diversity.

Research opportunities are available in the following areas:

  • Theory and Algorithms
  • Networked Systems and Parallel Computing
  • Pervasive Computing and Cyberphysical Systems
  • Information and System Security
  • Data Management and Machine Learning
  • Programming Languages and Software Engineering
  • Visual Computing


  • Housing and living expenses are covered by the money given. Travel and visa costs will also be reimbursed. At the start of the program, students may claim travel expenses against receipts.

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ETH Student Summer Research Fellowship Requirements

  • You’re enrolled in a bachelor’s or master’s degree program in computer science or a closely related discipline (e.g., electrical engineering, mathematics, physics)
  • Your present study program’s planned graduation date (bachelor’s or masters) is in the year after the fellowship or later.
  • By the time you begin the program, you will have completed two years of study (master students naturally satisfy this condition).
  • The fellowship lasts for the whole months of July and August, and you must be present throughout that period.
  • Participants must produce a valid certificate of COVID- 19 immunization with an authorized vaccine or evidence of recovery at the start of the program due to current COVID- 19 safety precautions, travel limitations, and quarantine requirements.

Application for ETH Student Summer Research Fellowship

You will be asked to fill in personal data and upload several documents:

  • Your curriculum vitae. Use the Europass formatcall that was created.
  • Your home university’s official academic transcript. Use the grading system provided by your institution – the grading system based on the GPA scale you were given.
  • Personal statement/motivation letter (max 1 page). Describe why you choose your recommended scientific field of study in your own words. Explain why you want to come to ETH and how it will help you achieve your academic or professional objectives and prepare you for a research career. A excellent personal statement should be no longer than half a page and no more than a full A4 page. Make it simple to read by properly laying it out.

To Apply, Click Here
For More Information: Visit this Page
Deadline: December 15, 2021

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