Enterprise Adventure for Young Entrepreneurs in UK 2022

The Enterprise Adventure for Young Entrepreneurs in the UK in 2022 is currently accepting applications.

Enterprise Adventure for Young Entrepreneurs

The Enterprise Adventure is a fun smartphone game that inspires kids to think about their hopes and goals.

It also helps students learn important life skills by guiding them through the process of starting a company.

After you’ve signed up for the app, you’ll be able to participate in real-world tasks that will:

Assist you in coming up with a terrific company concept.

Assist you in developing an effective business strategy.

You’ll get to do real activities, put your talents to the test, and learn a lot of new things on this fantastic voyage.

Similarly, small films, photographs, articles, and quizzes will help you every step of the way – all given directly to your smartphone.

Worth of Award

You get access to the adventure by taking part in it.

  • hone your abilities and realize your ambitions,
  • join forces with like-minded young people from all across the globe.

Official certificates are awarded to individuals who complete all of the objectives on the app, as well as the possibility to win prizes worth up to $1,000.

Enterprise Adventure for Young Entrepreneurs Requirement

  • This program is designed for teens aged 13 to 19 years old from any nation who want to learn how to start a sustainable company in a fun and engaging manner. Of course, you may still participate if you are little younger or older than that.
  • You don’t need any prior experience or understanding in the field. You don’t even need a business concept.

How to Apply for Enterprise Adventure for Young Entrepreneurs

The official website is where all applications for the Enterprise Adventure for Young Entrepreneurs should be submitted.

Deadline: Complete all the available missions before January 31, 2022.

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