EJS Center Amujae Leaders Program for African Women in Liberia 2022

For the EJS Center Amujae Leaders Program for African Women in Liberia in 2022, the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Presidential Center for Women and Development is accepting applications.

EJS Center Amujae Leaders Program

The program motivates and equips women to boldly assume leadership positions and thrive in the highest levels of government, as well as to mentor and mentor other women.

The EJS Center selects a cohort of African women public leaders each year and provides them with specialized leadership development experiences aimed at fueling their ambition and equipping them with the skills they need to serve effectively.

Worth of Award

Leaders of the Amujae tribe are rewarded.

  • past heads of the state provide world-class instruction
  • Through in-person forums and virtual seminars, leaders are developed.
  • media and communications assistance that is customized to the client’s needs, as well as
  • self-improvement possibilities
  • It is the world’s first effort dedicated to assisting brilliant African women leaders as they grow in their public leadership careers.

EJS Center Amujae Leaders Program Requirements

Applicants must satisfy the following requirements in order to be considered:

  • You must be an African citizen and resident.
  • Have already invested in a public leadership career with a track record of success. This trip might have taken place in a variety of settings/sectors other than public service.
  • Working/involved in fields such as public administration, politics, civil society, business, arts, media, sports, education, and sciences, among others.
  • Have the desire to serve at the highest levels of government.
  • Have shown a dedication to the empowerment and upliftment of other women.
  • Be patriotic, showing dedication and devotion to her own nation or country.

How to Apply for EJS Center Amujae Leaders Program 

All applications for the Leaders Program should be made online via the official website.

EJS Center Amujae Leaders Program Deadline

Deadline: Applications to join the 2022 cohort will be open till January 23, 2022.

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