DW Akademie Master Degree Scholarship in Germany 2022

For the academic year 2022/2023, Deutsche Welle is accepting applications for a DW Akademie Master Degree Scholarship Masters Degree in Scholarship from students from all over the globe who aspire to work in a position of responsibility in journalism or the communications industry.

DW Akademie Master Degree Scholarship

It is aimed towards aspiring journalists, media professionals from radio, television, web, and print, as well as communication specialists.

The program is bilingual (English and German), with English serving as the primary language of instruction.

Specifically aimed at:

  •  Representatives from the radio, television, internet, and print media
  •  Journalists-in-training, particularly those from the electronic media
  •  Community radio station journalists and management
  •  Experts in communication
  •  Employees of non-profit organizations
  •  Ministerial employees
  •  Cooperative development group and project employees
  •  National broadcasters and representatives from regional working groups
  •  Representatives from media organizations

Each year, they provide full scholarships to up to ten candidates.

Students from underdeveloped nations are eligible to apply for the entire scholarship.

After the application deadline has passed, a committee will select which candidates will get a scholarship.

Prospective students from developing and transitional countries who do not satisfy the full scholarship standards may apply for a partial scholarship.

Worth of Award

Scholarship for the whole year

  • The scholarship is worth 750 EUR per month and covers living and lodging expenses. The tuition price as well as the airfare will be covered.

Partially funded scholarship

  • This will pay the price of the 6,000 EUR tuition fees. You will be responsible for paying for your own travel, lodging, and living costs.

DW Masters Degree in Scholarship Requirements

Those interested must have finished an academic program (bachelor’s degree or equivalent) and have worked in a media-related sector for at least one year after receiving their first degree.

Because this is a multilingual program, applicants must demonstrate their ability to communicate in both German and English. This may be obtained by an exam administered by a recognized institution in your native country. For people who speak English or German as their first language, the evidence is not necessary. In the download area, you’ll discover a list of recognized language exams and needed levels.

How to Apply for DW Masters Degree in Scholarship 

Interested students must submit an application using an online portal. Please read the following information before proceeding to the application link.

Please double-check that you have all of the following papers before beginning to fill out the online application form:

  • Motivation letter (maximum of 700 words; font “Arial,” size 10; spacing 1,5; signed and dated)
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) (Europass format, signed and dated)
  • Your first academic degrees’ certificate (including ALL transcripts)
  • After receiving your first academic degree, proof of at least one year of professional experience in a media-related subject (for a full scholarship you must give evidence for at least two years of professional experience)
  • APS Certification (for applicants who completed their first degree in China, Vietnam or Mongolia)
  • Evidence of adequate English language abilities (TOEFL IBT: score of 83 or higher, IELTS: score of 6.5 or higher) – Certificates in English are valid for two years from the date of issuing.
  • Demonstration of adequate German language abilities (TestDaF at least level TDN 3 in all four parts of the examination, Goethe Zertifikat at least level B2 or DSH at least level 1)

If you want to apply for a full scholarship, you’ll need to provide the following documents:

  • A recent letter of reference from a university (with letterhead, official University stamp, signature, and date)
  • Your employer’s most recent recommendation letter (with letterhead, official company stamp, signature, and date)
  • Application form for the DAAD
  • Diploma from a high school
  • Please be advised that you will be required to demonstrate proof of appropriate language abilities in both English and German.
  • If you just know one of the two languages, you won’t be able to get by. Evidence of that specific language is not required if one of these languages is your native tongue or if you have finished your whole program of study in one of them.

These are the procedures for applying for DW Akademie Master Degree Scholarship

Deadline: Applications close March 31, 2022

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