Difference Between VMWare Workstation and Virtual PC

VMWare Workstation and Microsoft Virtual PC are two desktop programs that enable users to run different operating systems (OS) in virtualized settings.

Difference Between VMWare Workstation and Virtual PC

Workstations are provided by VMWare, a well-known virtualization firm, while Virtual PC is provided by Microsoft.

The price is clearly the most significant difference between the two.

VMWare Workstation costs $189 if downloaded from their website, or $199 if purchased package.

Virtual PC is available for free download and use from the Microsoft website.

Aside from price, there are several significant differences between the two.

Virtual PC is very user-friendly and needs very little configuration from the user.

VMWare workstation is a little more complicated and hard to configure.

Although this may not be a problem for experienced users, Virtual PC will undoubtedly appeal to beginners.

Virtual PC makes it simpler to enable sound than VMWare.

For a very long time, obtaining sound on VMWare has been difficult.

VMWare has been around for a lot longer than Virtual PC, and it is more reliable.

Many bugs in the software have been sorted out during years of development.

In terms of functionality, VMWare has much more to offer than Virtual PC.

This is due, in part, to Microsoft’s attempts to streamline and simplify Virtual PC in order to make it more user-friendly for beginners.

Virtual PC does not have features like the snapshot manager, but VMWare has.

When it comes to performance, VMWare outperforms Virtual PC, as shown by various benchmarking software.

This may be attributed to the longer time it took VMWare developers to optimize their software.

The VMWare workstation can take advantage of dual-core processors, although Virtual PC cannot.

Although the host operating system running Virtual PC may use both cores, the guest operating system cannot.

When dual-core processors are used on the Virtual PC host, the user may host additional guest operating systems or utilize the host while the guest operating system is running.

Summary of the Difference Between VMWare Workstation and Virtual PC

  • VMWare workstation costs at least $189, but Virtual PC is free.
  • Virtual PC is simpler to use than VMWare.
  • Virtual PC supports sound, however, VMWare has several sound difficulties.
  • VMWare workstation is more mature software than Virtual PC.
  • VMWare has much more features than Virtual PC.
  • VMWare outperforms Virtual PC even though they use the same hardware.

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