Difference Between Faculty and Department in University?

You’ve been admitted and are ready to start your classes but don’t know the difference between faculty and department?

However, you are not the first or neither the last that will ask such questions for better understanding.

They are a big difference between faculty and department in the university, so you don’t need to mix those words.

To some people, it might not be a mix of words but ignorance and finding someone to give you a better understanding.

In this article, I’ll tell you the difference between Faculty and Department in University.

What is a Department?

A department is a division of a university or school faculty devoted to a particular academic discipline.

It is also a division of a school that is responsible for a given or specific subject.

What is a Faculty?

The word “faculty” is a very broad word.

A Faculty is a group of university departments concerned with a particular area of knowledge.

It is also a division of a University.

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Difference Between Faculty and Department.

However,  it is important to remember that a “Faculty” may refer to your teachers assigned to teach a specific subject.

While a department is a sub-organization that is comprised of the faculty.

Some faculties have a number of sub-divisions called schools.

So with this example, We can say that Faculty is a sub-division in any particular area of study that is under “school” regarded as the division.

Nevertheless, the department is a branch or specific field of study that deals with a specific course for students.

For example, Architecture is a “Department” while Its faculty is called “Faculty of Environmental Studies”.

Moreover, It’s still called the “School of Environmental Studies” while other institutions may add it with Engineering.


In American usage, such divisions are generally referred to as colleges or schools, but may also mix terminology.

Please also note that in the United Kingdom universities tend to use the term “Faculty”.

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