Difference Between a Mini Cooper and Mini One

The Mini Cooper is a highly popular car with a correspondingly higher price tag.

Mini introduced the entry-level Mini One to entice buyers into the world of Mini cars.

The biggest difference between the Cooper and One is in terms of performance.

The Cooper features a more powerful 1.6L engine that generates 122 horsepower, whereas the One’s nearly identical 1.6L engine produces barely 98 horsepower.

The Cooper also has more torque, with 160Nm at 4250rpm compared to the One’s 153Nm at 3000rpm.

This disparity in performance translates into a difference in maximum speed and acceleration in the real world.

The Cooper is 10mph faster than the One, hitting 126mph as compared to the One’s maximum speed of 116mph.

The Cooper also improves its 0-60mph time by more than a second. The One takes around 10.5 seconds, while the Cooper takes 9.1 seconds.

These differences may be imperceptible to the ordinary individual, but in the hands of a professional racer, the One has no chance against the Cooper.

When it comes to trim options, Cooper offers the biggest options.

Chrome grills and other features that are optional on the Mini One are standard on the Mini Cooper.

The many benefits of the Mini Cooper all add up to one thing: price. The Mini Cooper is more costly than the Mini One.

The actual price difference varies depending on the model, but it is often approximately £1000 or $1600.

Finally, the decision between the Mini Cooper and Mini One comes down to whether you prioritize affordability or performance.

The Mini One is an excellent introduction to Minis, whilst the Cooper is a more sophisticated model for individuals seeking a little more than what the Mini One has to offer.

Summary of the Difference Between a Mini Cooper and Mini One

  • The engine of the Cooper is more powerful than that of the One.
  • The torque of the Cooper is greater than that of the One.
  • The Cooper has superior speed and acceleration compared to the One.
  • The Cooper has more trim options than the One.
  • The Cooper is more costly than the One.

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