Diamond Bank Scholarship For Nigerian Students 2022

Want to find out about the Diamond Bank Scholarship For Nigerian Students 2022?

Then you are reading the perfect article online.

Truly, most banks in Nigeria do offer quality scholarships.

Moreover, these banks make lots of money from the finance sector. Now, as you may already know, Diamond Bank has been acquired by Access Bank PLC.

However, most people still search for Diamond Bank Scholarships online.

To make this clear, all scholarships offered by Access Bank are the same as those for Diamond Bank.

Before Diamond Bank was acquired, it was one of the foremost banks in Nigeria. Thus, most people tend to look for their scholarships online to date.

Now, without taking too much time, let us take a look at the Diamond Bank Scholarship For Nigerian Students in 2022.

However, we will take a quick introduction of Diamond Bank PLC.

N/B: In this article, both Access and Diamond Banks are used interchangeably. Thus, they both mean the same thing wherever they appear in this article.

Diamond Bank Plc

Founded by Pascal Dozie in 1990, Diamond Bank was a prominent finance service provider in Nigeria.

However, this Bank became Access Bank in December 2018. Upon acquisition, there was a public announcement for a complete deal on the 1st of April 2019.

Thus, both banks were merged to form a single entity with the name ‘Access Bank’ retained.

However, the official logo of the body was changed to have a slight form of the former Diamond Bank logo. Together as a merged entity, this Bank has provided several top-quality financial services over the years.

Eligibility Requirements For Diamond Bank Scholarship For Nigerian Students 2022

As a reputable Bank in Nigeria, Access Bank (Formerly Diamond Bank PLC) offers a lot of scholarships.

Guess what?

We will take a look at most of these scholarships in this article. Now unlike most banks in Nigeria, Diamond Bank offers so many scholarships.

As a result, most people tend to look for these opportunities online.

In this section of this article, we will take a look at the major eligibility requirements for all Access Bank (Diamond Bank) scholarships.

To qualify for a Diamond Bank Scholarship, an applicant must:

  • Be a citizen of Nigeria
  • Be a customer of Diamond Bank PLC.
  • Possess proof of excellent academic performance.
  • Have good O’Level results (WAEC, NECO, GCE).

So far, these are the general eligibility requirements for Diamond Bank Scholarships.

However, each Scholarship has some additional specifications as regards eligibility. If you meet these requirements, then feel free to check out these scholarships featured here.

On the contrary, you can share this with your friends who may qualify.

Eligible Courses/Programs For The Diamond Bank Scholarship Nigerian Students 2022

As typical of most scholarships, there are preferred courses/programs.

However, the case is different here. Regarding Diamond Bank Scholarships, there is always something for almost everyone.

Moreover, they offer diverse scholarships for students. Ranging from arts to social sciences and Engineering, these scholarships have got you covered.

As a financial company, courses related to Law, Banking, and Accounting are most preferred.

However, this depends solely on the particular Scholarship.

All in all, Diamond Bank Scholarships are flexible in terms of eligible courses. Moreover, students from almost all fields benefit from this.

Scholarship Type

Though most of these Diamond Bank Scholarships are known to the public, a lot of questions are still asked.

Want to find out the type of Scholarships Diamond Bank offers. Then you should read this section of this article.

Now, unlike most scholarships out there, Diamond Bank offers fully-funded scholarships.

However, there are some conditions attached to some of these scholarships. As a beneficiary of any Diamond Bank Scholarship, students stand to gain a whole lot.

Moreover, most of their scholarships are training-based (internship scholarships).

In the upcoming section of this article, we will take a look at what beneficiaries stand to gain with these Diamond Bank Scholarships.

Scholarship Worth

One can even say the lucky beneficiaries of these Diamond Bank Scholarships are indeed blessed.

As a beneficiary, there is just so much to gain from most of these scholarships.

Moreover, this company is a multi-million dollar company. Thus, those who benefit from their scholarships are often well treated.

As a beneficiary of any of the scholarships to be mentioned here, you are entitled to:

  • Free study fees
  • Study kit Allowances
  • Allowance for daily upkeep
  • Allowance for unforeseen expenses
  • Additional Study expenses

From the list above, you can confirm that the beneficiaries of these scholarships are indeed lucky. Moreover, not all scholarships offer this kind of benefit.

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List Of Access Bank/Diamond Bank Scholarships For Nigerian Students 2022

Blue Graduate Internship Scholarship Program

Scholarship Provider: Access Bank PLC

Funding: Full

Looking for a perfect way to get a career boost? Then this offer is just for you.

Through the years, this offer has helped so many Nigerian Students.

Moreover, beneficiaries have the opportunity to progress to Access Bank as full staff. After a training duration of 18months, qualified students can partake in a final test.

Promising students can work with Access Bank PLC. So far, this has been a blessing to so many souls.

However, a lot of others are yet to tap into it. If you are a graduate student looking for such opportunities, then feel free to check it out today.

Accelerator Internship Scholarship Program

Scholarship Provider: Access Bank PLC

Funding: Full

Are you an IT student looking for a perfect Scholarship to boost your professional career?

Then this offer is just for you.

With the Accelerator Internship, beneficiaries get to design and test software as they grow in the program. As a team, beneficiaries are then required to form small teams to work on important projects for the bank.

So many IT students in Nigeria benefit from this opportunity.

Moreover, it is a major advantage to the IT experience of a student. Through the years, so many IT students have secured lucrative jobs for themselves with the help of this.

If you are a good IT student, and you have a passion for designing software, then check out this Scholarship.

However, only students with at least a National Diploma (ND) certificate are eligible. These scholarships can all be found on the Scholarship page of Access Bank Nigeria.

Orange Graduate Internship Scholarship Program

Scholarship Provider: Access Bank PLC

Scholarship Funding: Full

Another wonderful Scholarship that Access Bank (Formerly Diamond Bank) offers is the Orange Graduate Internship.

Well-targeted at young and talented students, this is for those who seek flexible work plans. As a selected beneficiary, one is required to work as team support for 1 year.

Upon completion of this period, there is no option for extension. Through this stipulated time, beneficiaries gain a whole lot of experience and bonuses.

Hundreds of people got favorably impact as a result of this.

Guess what…You can be next!

These are the major scholarships offered by Access Bank PLC.

In addition, Early Savers and Teen account owners in Access Bank also stand a chance of winning scholarships.

Through the years, some active account holders have benefitted from this. Aside from these Scholarship offers, Access Bank (Diamond Bank) also offers a host of Competitions for students.

winners get Prizes and trophies, awards, etc after the competition.

So far, Access Bank has managed to become one of the most trusted Banks in Africa as a whole.

Moreover, their standard of service proves this.

Location To Be Taken

The scholarship applications for all Access/Diamond Bank scholarships take place here in Nigerian.

These are for offers that require physical tests.

The majority of these scholarship applications are completed entirely online.

However, they still require physical tests for final confirmations.

How To Apply For The Diamond Bank PLC Scholarship For Nigerian Students 2022

Applying for Access/Diamond Bank PLC Scholarships differs from Scholarship to Scholarship.

However, they all feature a similar procedure. To find out detailed information about Diamond Bank Scholarships For Nigerian Students, visit the Scholarship page.

Via the Scholarship page, you gain access to endless information on these offers. To carry out your research and application process conveniently, you need:

  • A good computer (Tablet, Laptop or Desktop)
  • Good internet connection
  • Power supply
  • A Scanner or good camera phone

With the aforementioned equipment, one can easily carry out online application processes with ease.

Moreover, we live in a jet age already. As a result, you can do anything from the comfort of your couch.



Final Thoughts On Diamond Bank Scholarship For Nigerian Students 2022

So far, that will be all we have on the Diamond Bank Scholarships For Nigerian Students.

From this article, you can see that Diamond Bank is no longer the name of a Bank. Rather, this Bank is now a property of Access Bank.

Following the merger, both banks now jointly bear the name ‘Access Bank’.

Through the years, Access Bank has helped so many students through these scholarships mentioned here.

However, several unfortunate students are yet to discover this. Having seen this today, I believe you are well equipped for these offers.

If you have a friend who has an interest in this, do well to share this with him/her. In all, we do wish you good luck as you apply for these offers.

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