Deloitte-One Young World Education Scholarship to Attend the OYW Summit (Fully-funded to Tokyo, Japan)-2022

Fully funded Deloitte-One Young World Education Scholarship applications are open for the Deloitte-One Young World Education Scholarship 2022.

As a longstanding partner of One Young World, Deloitte is proud to support the Deloitte One Young World Scholarship 2022.

Which will enable five outstanding young leaders to attend the One Young World Summit in Tokyo, Japan on May 16-19, May 2022.

Deloitte-One Young World Education Scholarship
fully funded. Deloitte-One Young World Education Scholarship

This scholarship is for young leaders who want to improve people’s access to education, skills, and opportunities in their communities, nations, or the globe at large.

Candidates for the scholarship must have proven a dedication to:

  • Improve access to education, skills, or employment opportunities for those that may be left behind by the rapidly changing global economy. For example, women and girls, disadvantaged youth.
  • Create chances for people to expand their skills or continue their education in order to prepare for the future workforce, particularly in sectors where there are talent shortages.
  • Encourage entrepreneurship, new sorts of work, or possibilities for people to overcome conventional job hurdles.

Scholarship for Fully Funded Deloitte-One Young World Education Scholarship

Scholars will receive

  • Access to the Tokyo 2022 One Young World Summit
  • Travel restrictions permitting
  1. Accommodation in a private room in a hotel between the ages of 16 and 19. (inclusive) May of the year 2022
  2. Traveling to and from Tokyo is expensive (economy class)
  3. Breakfast, lunch, and supper catering are available (provided by the hotel and during the Summit)
  4. Ground transportation between Summit locations is provided.
  • Deloitte-hosted seminars for their delegation leading up to and during the Summit, as well as a Deloitte “buddy”

One Young World – Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs ‘Enterprise for Peace’ Scholarship (Fully Funded to attend the OYW2022 Summit in Tokyo, Japan) – 2022

Eligibility for the Deloitte-One Young World Education Scholarship

  • An applicant should be aged 18–30;
  • Nationals of all countries will be eligible to apply for this scholarship.
  • evidenced commitment to delivering positive change;
  • Demonstrated capacity for leadership;
  • Understanding of key local and/or global issues;
  • track record of generating impactful and innovative solutions to address education and skills challenges.

Application for Deloitte-One Young World Education Scholarship 2022

The majority of delegates are between the ages of 18 and 30 years old.

Older applicants will be considered by the One Young World team if they can demonstrate adequate personal impact, initiative, and willingness to engage.

They will not be allowed to accept applications from anybody under the age of 18 at the time of the Summit.

Application Deadline:

  • December 8, 2021

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