30 Controversial Topics For Debate

In this article, we are going to inform you about 30 controversial topics for Debate

This article is meant to inform and educate you on thirty debate topics we find contentious and argumentative.

Debating can be defined as a method of argument or a larger form of argument than logical argument, because in a debate, the debaters try to influence the feelings of the audience, in order to coax them on a chosen topic.

According to Collins Dictionary; A debate can be seen as a discussion about a subject on which people have different views or a formal discussion.

For example in a parliament or institution, in which people express different opinions about a particular subject and then vote on it.

Legally or in politics, a debate is simply a formal discussion on a particular matter in a public meeting or legislative assembly, in which opposing arguments are put forward and which usually ends with a vote.

But in simpler terms, it is an argument about a particular subject, especially one in which many people are involved.

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What is a Debate?

Debate is a social way of expression your point of view on a topic.

And it teaches students how to accept different points of view of theirs and others on the same topic.

They learn to agree to disagree, may find a way to solve an issue, learn how to compromise with others.

The description of a debate is a formal discussion of the opposing sides of a specific subject or a formal contest of arguments.

For example, when two people have a discussion about the pros and cons of the death penalty and each person takes a different side of the argument, this can also be seen as a debate.

A debate is definitely an argument but it doesn’t involve any form of unruly yelling and uproar between parties instead, it has strict rules of conduct and sophisticated arguing techniques.

You may even be in a position where you will have to argue the opposite of what you believe in.

Types of Debate

There are basically four types of debate, namely:

  • Parliamentary Debate.
  • Lincoln-Douglas Debate.
  • Cross-Examination Debate.
  • Academic Debate.

Without further ado, let’s get straight to the thirty provocative topics for a debate.

In selecting debate topics.

It is important to pick topics that let both the participants and the audience learn about the two sides of an issue.

Selecting a topic that you’re interested in makes the preparation part of the debate more exciting, as well as the debate livelier for the audience.

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The 30 controversial Topics For Debate

Here are a few debatable controversial topics for debate for you;

1. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies should be encouraged or banned

As we all know, many people in the world today are now engaged in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies because of the massive gain they get from it.

Unfortunately, in Nigeria today, it is said that cryptocurrency has been banned

This supposed ban has left a lot of people debating and arguing if it was wise or not to have banned it.

2. Social media has improved human communication

This is also a controversial topic because just as most people believe that social media has improved human communication, some people don’t.

They believe that social media has done more harm than good in the society and world at large.

3. The development of artificial intelligence will help humanity

This involves the creation of robots and other technological devices.

It may be good as a lot of works will now be more efficient but in the same vein, it will literally make man useless and increase the unemployment rate.

4. The sale of human organs should be legalized

This is a very complicated thing; selling human organs.

It has been argued in many parts of the world because it can be used to save other lives and for other odds.

5. Smoking should be banned in all public places

It is quite appalling that on cigarettes, it is written “smokers are liable to die young” but they are still sold and bought by a lot of people so this is definitely argument worthy.

6. Government-owned universities should be tuition-free

People argue that considering all the strikes they go through and the fact that they are owned by the government, it is only fair that tuition fees be made free.

But let’s not forget that this is a way of generating funds.

7. All schools should have armed security guards

This is debatable because of the kidnaps and killings happening in schools these days.

Children need to be safe in their schools and not be scared of being attacked by intruders.

8. Homework should be banned

This is definitely the campaign of literally every student because they don’t see the advantage of taking their schoolwork outside school especially during holidays.

But this helps broaden their horizons because then they will have to open up their books and study.

9. Abortion should be banned

With the alarming rate of abortion in this century, this is unquestionably a controversial debate topic.

10. Sex work should be legal

Personally, I don’t see any reason why this should be legal but from the arguments that have been heard over the past few years.

It’s their body and their choice, isn’t it?

11. Juveniles should be tried and treated as adults

This is a very good topic because nowadays, the crimes committed by juveniles are even greater than the ones committed by adults.

It’s almost as if they are consoled by the fact that they won’t be tried like adults.

12. The death penalty should be abolished

This has been debated severally on the grounds that God gives life and therefore only he should be the one to take it.

But what if a person murders someone or a group of people, should he still be left alive?

13. All people should have the right to own guns

Due to security reasons, it has been proposed and opposed that people should have right to their own guns.

14. Women should be paid less than men in some professions

This is a very sexist statement and will therefore be the last thing a feminist would want to hear which makes it a very controversial topics for debate.

15. The voting age should be reduced to 16

As 16 years old, you should know your left from your right so I don’t know why they can’t also vote who they want in power.

16. Prisoners should be allowed to vote

They are still humans and even though they have been denied a lot of rights as punishment, does voting really have to be one of them?

17. Drug addicts should get help not punishment

You never can tell, most of them may be doing drugs because of depression not because they just feel like it.

18. Police should be immune from prosecution

They are humans and some of them are still corrupt so why should they be immune from prosecution?

Does that mean that Derek Chauvin, the officer that was found guilty of killing George Floyd should have been spared?

19. Healthcare should be free for everyone

Seeing as a lot of less privileged people die from the sickness that could have been treated just because they don’t have money.

That is enough reason for healthcare to be free.

20. Rich people should pay more taxes

It seems a bit partial for people that earn peanuts to pay the same tax as someone that earns millions.

21. Children should not have smartphones

This has been said a couple of times because people claim that kids abuse it but isn’t everything abused by a lot of people to some extent?

22. If you have more money, you will be happier:

Money sure makes people very happy to an extent.

Imagine being able to afford whatever you want whenever you want it, the joy!

But all is vanity at the end of the day.

23. Governments shouldn’t track its citizens

This is clearly an invasion of privacy.

24. People should have to take a test to become a parent:

This has been deemed controversial because honestly, some people suck at being parents.

25. Are same-s*x schools advisable?

While most people agree because there is nothing wrong with it.

Some others disagree because a child schooling in such school may not be able to relate with the opposite s*x.

26. LGBTQ should be legalized

LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender, Questioning) is something that has been legalized in various countries for years now and has aroused a lot of arguments, both for and against.

 27. Is cross-dressing a disorder

Cross-dressing is simply when a person is constantly dressing to look like the opposite s*x.

It is more common among guys trying to look like girls; wearing brassieres, fixing nails, making up etc.

Over the years it has become a normality to some while others still don’t agree with or accept it.

28. Models are setting the wrong standards of beauty

This is because some people who have low self esteem nay want to go to any length to beat this unrealistic standard of beauty and even end up ending their lives.

29. Pharmacists should not be allowed to prescribe medicines

People argue and ask questions like; “why should pharmacists prescribe drugs?”.

“why don’t they just leave the prescription to the doctors?”

Because they feel that pharmacists would expose patients to unnecessary risks, and that pharmacists are unable to provide elements such as preventive care and chronic disease management.

30. Is abortion murder

Some people may think that abortion is not murder because the child in the womb hasn’t been fully developed yet it isn’t so therefore, how can it be murder?

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Final Thoughts on The 30 Controversial topics for Debate.

We hope that this article has been of great help to you like you expected it would and that it has been able to educate you on some controversial debate topics.

Although Debates and Arguments seem to be the same thing.

They differ in a way because argumentsare characterized discussions where reasons are put forth while debate is a formal discussion that is held competitively within an assembly hall.

The argument, according to the standard dictionary, is defined as ‘ a disagreement or quarrel’.

If you loved this article, please share it with your family and friends and if you have unanswered questions, the comment box is right there for it.

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