Commonwealth Scholarships for Nigerians 2022

Want to find out all the Commonwealth Scholarships for Nigerians in 2022?

Then you are reading the right article.

This is a well-detailed article on the topic, and I urge you to read on with utmost focus.

Undoubtedly, most Commonwealth Scholarships are fully funded.

However, they are often exclusive to commonwealth countries.

In this article, we will look at some of the best Commonwealth Scholarships for Nigerians in 2022.

The Scholarships featured here cover diverse fields of study.

Therefore, you will surely find something that suits your educational aspirations.

Ever wondered what the benefits of being a part of the Commonwealth organization are?

Then you’ve come across one today.

Without taking too much of your time, let us go through some of these scholarships.

Introduction of Commonwealth Scholarships

Awarding over 900 scholarships per annum, the Commonwealth is one of the largest providers of scholarships.

In a bid to contribute to the International development measures of the UK, the CSC provides these UK scholarships.

Over the years, the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission (CSC) has provided these opportunities for thousands of students.

However, they are exclusive to Commonwealth nations.

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Eligibility Requirements for Commonwealth Scholarships

To be eligible for the Commonwealth Scholarships, a student has to fulfill the following eligibility criteria:

  • A student must be a permanent resident of a Commonwealth country to be eligible for the Scholarships.
  • Must be a citizen of an eligible Commonwealth country.

Alternatively, those who have been granted refugee statuses in these countries can also apply.

  • Must be unable to afford the cost of studying in a UK University.
  • Must provide all required documents in the right format.
  • Must be available to start studies before the start of the new academic session.

You can more about the commonwealth scholarship eligible requirement on this page.

Selection Criteria

To maximize the chances of being selected for this scholarship, students must:

  • Display good academic record prior to application.
  • Course of study must impact the development of a candidate’s country.

Eligible Course/Program for Commonwealth Scholarships

Commonwealth Scholarships do not often specify courses of study.

However, a guideline is often given.

To maximize chances of selection, students must study courses that will impact their home countries.

These include courses that will bring positive developments.

Scholarship Type

Commonwealth scholarships are often for Masters and Post Doctoral students.

However, there are some undergraduate scholarship programs.

So many students have benefitted from these scholarships.

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Scholarship Worth

As always, Commonwealth Scholarships are fully funded.

Moreover, the government of the United Kingdom sponsors them.

In a bid to assist students with their educational dreams, this scholarship has helped students across the world.

In this section of this article, we will look at what students are entitled to in this scholarship.

In accordance with the Commonwealth Scholarship, students are entitled to the following:

  • Fully funded accommodation Fees
  • Tuition fees
  • Travel expenses and VISA
  • Allowances for books
  • Allowances for feeding
  • Allowances for unforseen costs.

From the list above, you can confirm that Commonwealth scholarships are truly fully funded.

These scholarships cover the cost of every aspect of a student’s study.

Despite being so beneficial, most students do not know about these Commonwealth Scholarships.

However, this article is here to change that. Now, having seen how wonderful these scholarships are, we will go further to how to apply for them.

If you have met all the eligibility requirements for this scholarship, then read on with focus.

If you do not meet the requirements, make sure you share this with friends who might meet them.

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How To Apply for Commonwealth Scholarships in 2022

Applying for Commonwealth Scholarships is actually easy.

All you need to do as an eligible student is to apply via the CSC online portal.

In addition to this, a student must go through the normal application process of the receiving school.

As for the date of application, each institution has a different date.

To find out more, visit the scholarship page of the University you intend to study at.

List Of Commonwealth Scholarships In 2022

Now, without taking any more time, let us look at some of the most consistent Commonwealth Scholarships 2022.

These scholarships have been stable over the years, and numerous students have benefited from them.

However, a lot of others do not know about them. Let us take a look at these scholarships now.

Commonwealth Shared Scholarships For African Students 2022

Institution: Bangor University

In collaboration with Bangor University, the CSC has provided six Masters scholarships for eligible students.

To be taken at Bangor University, this scholarship is fully funded and stable.

However, this one favors students in East/Central African nations. Students from other regions are not restricted.

Moreover, all Commonwealth Scholarships are for almost all Commonwealth countries.

However, students from the aforementioned region have a better advantage in this offer.

This scholarship has a direct focus on students who are actually refugees in countries like Kenya and Uganda.

Students negatively affected by conflicts are also highly recommended for this scholarship. To apply for this offer, you just have to visit the scholarship page of Bangor University.

Lots of students have benefited from this offer, and you could be next.

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Commonwealth Shared Scholarships 2022

Institution: the University Of The West Of Scotland

In partnership with the CSC and the DFID (UK Department for International Development), the UWS has officially announced this scholarship.

Dedicated to students from developing countries, this scholarship is suitable for all Nigerian Students.

However, it is for only those who can prove that they cannot afford to study in the UK.

Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships For Developing Countries

Institution: Partnered UK Institutions

In partnership with several UK Universities, the Commonwealth has established a Distance Learning Scholarship.

However, this scholarship is exclusive to Master’s students.

The distance learning scholarship is actually delivered directly through the partnered UK Universities via an online study portal.

However, some are delivered through partnered local institutions in a student’s country.

This Scholarship enables students to study for a UK Master’s degree while working in their home countries.

Commonwealth Shared Scholarships 2022

Institution: University of Exeter

Having officially announced a partnership with the CSC and DFID, this University now offers a fully-funded scholarship.

Moreover, it is specially designed for developing countries.

This scholarship is designed for students who cannot afford a master’s degree in the UK.

Taking a critical look, a lot of Nigerian students fit this description.

If you meet the general requirements for Commonwealth scholarships, then feel free to apply.

Commonwealth Masters Scholarships 2022

Institution: University of South Pacific

Newly established, this scholarship is open to all Commonwealth students.

However, students inside the 12 countries in which USP campuses are located are excluded.

This scholarship covers both the tuition fees and other expenses of students.

Moreover, travel expenses are also covered.

Students get complete economy flights to and fro. In addition, they are entitled to regular stipends for daily upkeep.

Commonwealth Shared Scholarships 2022

Institution: University of Warwick

Just like the other scholarships in this article, this is designed for developing countries.

However, it is for only students who cannot afford a UK Master’s degree.

In collaboration with the Commonwealth, Warwick University has helped numerous Commonwealth students through this initiative.

To apply for this opportunity, visit the scholarship page of Warwick University.

This offer is aimed at students who study courses that will bring development to their home countries.

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Commonwealth Doctoral Scholarships 2022

Institution: University of Pretoria

In a bid to contribute to the CSC plan, the University of Pretoria set up this scholarship.

Located in South Africa, this University has provided funds for two Doctoral scholarships.

These scholarships are open to all Commonwealth students.

However, students in South Africa are not allowed to participate.

As already said earlier, this is a research-based scholarship.

Unlike a few scholarships here, this is awarded on a highly competitive basis.

To apply for this scholarship, you can visit the application portal of the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission.

In addition, you have to also apply through the institution (University of Pretoria).

For more clarity, re-read the ‘How To Apply’ area of this article.

Commonwealth Scholarship Commission Application Page:

Commonwealth Rutherford Fellowships Awards

Institution: Partnered Institutions

This scholarship is slightly different from the others featured here.

Commonwealth Rutherford Scholarship is for researchers who are highly skilled.

The scholarship allows post-doctoral research students to carry out research courses at partnered UK Universities.

This is a well-known Commonwealth Scholarship.

However, it is funded by the BEIS. This is an acronym for the UK Department of Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy.

Moreover, this scholarship is funded via the Rutherford Fund. In a bid to improve the research base of the UK.

In addition to that, this scholarship attracts talented research students to the country.

This scholarship is open to all Commonwealth students including Nigerians

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British High Commission Commonwealth Scholarships Singapore 2022

Institution: Partnered UK Institutions

Fully handled by the Commonwealth Society of Singapore, this is another wonderful scholarship.

This scholarship is aimed at students undergoing industry placements or postgraduate studies in the United Kingdom.

Moreover, one must be studying a course in the field of innovation to qualify.

This scholarship funds the cost of a student’s industrial placement.

In addition, they also provide funding for master’s students of Commonwealth nations.

To know more about this offer, check out the page of the Royal Commonwealth Society of Singapore.

Final Thoughts On All Commonwealth Scholarships For Nigerian Students 2022

So far, that will be all for this article.

With the help of the texts above, we believe you have discovered a huge deal of Commonwealth Scholarships.

Most of the Scholarships featured here are suitable for Nigerian Students.

However, most students do not know this.

Moreover, these offers are not always known to the general public.

Having discovered this article today, we believe you are better equipped to apply for these opportunities.

In all, we do wish you good luck as you try out these scholarships…

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