Commonwealth Climate Resilience Challenge Grants 2022

The 2022 Commonwealth Climate Resilience Challenge Grants are being offered by the Association of Commonwealth Universities.

2022 Commonwealth Climate Resilience Challenge

The Grants are given to member institutions to assist climate resilience programs.

The funds, which are open to academic and professional staff, encourage collaborative work focusing on one of the Commonwealth Climate Resilience Network’s (CCRN) two primary strategic priorities:

Increasing the climate resilience of universities, and/or

Increasing universities’ contribution to community, industry, and government resilience

The funds may be utilized for a variety of initiatives, seminars, and events, including:

  • Improving climate change adaptation learning, teaching, and training – for example, virtual exchange or cooperation, teaching or professional practice cooperation, sharing, and co-creation of educational resources
  • Increasing CCRN members’ climate change adaptation research ability – for example, via virtual fellowships or cooperation, comparative analyses, research management and uptake capacity development, and understanding and recording indigenous knowledge and resilience practices.
  • Improving the policies and practices of Commonwealth universities in terms of institutional resilience — for example, establishing tools, training, and techniques to enhance contingency and continuity of operations planning at higher education institutions.

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Grants for 2022 Commonwealth Climate Resilience Challenge

  • Staff at ACU member institutions may apply for one of four grants worth up to GBP 2,500 each to assist cover the expenses of organizing initiatives that promote the CCRN’s goals and objectives.


  • Only ACU members are eligible for this grant, and candidates are urged to engage with other ACU member universities to foster more Commonwealth relationships.
  • They will also consider submissions headed by ACU members but in collaboration with universities outside the ACU network.
  • Grant proposals that enable the applicant’s institution to match or contribute extra cash will be favored.

Application for 2022 Commonwealth Climate Resilience Challenge

You’ll need to provide a project overview and an action plan, as well as specifics on what the project entails and how it will address climate resilience at your institution.

The project action plan must be for at least 6 months and no more than 12 months.

  • If you don’t already have a MyACU account, create one by registering here and then following the instructions in the registration email. You will then be able to access the application form by logging into the system here.
  • If you have a MyACU account, you may access the application form by logging in here.

For More Information: Visit this Page
Deadline: January 7, 2022

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