COMESA Media Award to Recognize and Reward Journalists in Zambia 2022

The Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) in Zambia is inviting applications for the Media Award to Recognize and Reward Journalists in 2022.

COMESA Media Award

The Awards’ goal is to increase public knowledge, understanding, engagement, and ownership of COMESA regional integration programs via reporting.

Development initiatives involving more than one COMESA Member State or a national project with a regional component are also relevant subjects for admission.

Trade, infrastructure (electricity, transportation, ICT), investments, gender, and other issues are all addressed in these programs.

If the article/show isn’t about a COMESA program, it should at the very least indicate the author’s/knowledge producer of COMESA’s programs.

Every year, the Award program honors and rewards journalists who have contributed to regional integration by publishing and broadcasting articles on the topic.

Worth of Award for COMESA Media Award

The victors will get a COMESA Heads of State Summit sponsorship, a monetary reward, a trophy, and a certificate.

COMESA Media Award Requirements

  • The prizes are available to works that have been published or aired in print, radio, television, and internet media.
  • The tournament is only open to journalists who are COMESA nationalities.
  • Individual journalists, not media institutions or groups, are eligible to compete.

How to Apply for COMESA Media Award

To apply, visit the website and fill the online application form

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1. Submission of entries

  • The works must have been published or transmitted by a recognized media institution in any of the 21 COMESA Member States between January 1, 2021, and December 31, 2021.
  • On the COMESA website, entry forms are accessible.

Entries shall consist of the following:

2. Print Journalism 

Features/articles published in major newspapers, periodicals, journals, and newsletters should have a minimum of 700 words and a maximum of 1,500 words.

3. Radio Journalism

Documentary or conversation journalism on the radio Programs with a length of at least 10 (ten) minutes and no more than 20 (twenty) minutes;

4. Television Journalism

Documentary or discussion program with a minimum of 10 (ten) minutes and a maximum of 20 (twenty) minutes on television journalism

5. Online/new media

Features/articles in major newspapers (including online versions), magazines, and recognized journals with a minimum of 700 (seven hundred) words and a maximum of 1,500 (one thousand five hundred) words.

Deadline: Application for COMESA Media Award closes on January 31, 2022.

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