Claretian Student Slumps and Dies during Drama Presentation

Claretian Student Slumps and Dies during Drama Presentation on the Passion of the Cross at the Claretian Institute of Philosophy, Nekede, Imo State.

Following the tragic death of a seminarian at the Claretian Institute of Philosophy in Nekede, Imo State, the students, family, and friends have been in grief. Sule Ambrose, the dead, collapsed and died during a drama performance on Friday, April 15.

The event happened when Ambrose was portraying the biblical Peter in the Passion of Christ, according to reports.

According to a witness at the scene of the event,

“In the drama, he was playing the scriptural Peter, and during that process, Peter severed the ear of one of the soldiers, and Jesus repaired the ear and asked Peter to let them do what they wanted.” You know how passionate the play is.

Then, as he repeated Peter’s words, “…Lord, today I’ll die with you,” he took a few steps forward and collapsed on the ground. We first assumed it was part of the show, but when we saw he was bleeding, we hurried him to the hospital.

He was brought to the Federal Medical Center in Owerri after becoming unresponsive to treatment at the first hospital he was sent to. He was confirmed dead there.

Hearing the news of her son’s death, the deceased mother collapsed and died, according to reports.

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