Children’s Climate Prize 2022

The Children’s Climate Prize 2022 is now accepting nominations.

Children’s Climate Prize

The Children’s Climate Reward is an annual worldwide prize given to young people who are working to find long-term solutions for our planet.

The reward honors and brings attention to young innovators, entrepreneurs, changemakers, and conservationists in order to inspire and disseminate optimism.

About the Prize

Telge Energi, the Swedish renewable energy leader, took the lead in raising children’s voices in November 2015, when their future was being considered without them present.

As a result, the Children’s Climate Conference was established in advance of the COP21 World Climate Summit in Paris.

Sixty-four youngsters from 22 nations came to Sweden to take part in the competition.

There were representatives from several indigenous groups there, as well as youngsters who had already been harmed by climate change.

The youngsters wanted to be a part of COP21, which was the final opportunity for global leaders to agree on shared rules and commitments for attaining climate change goals.

The youngsters collaborated to establish a list of activities and conditions that they believed were essential for achieving good, long-term development for the globe and future generations.

Despite all odds, the youngsters were invited to attend the Paris Climate Summit. This was unheard of.

During a news conference attended by people from all around the globe, including Christiana Figueres, the UN’s top manager for the Climate Change Convention, and Ahmad Alhendawi, the UN’s General Secretary Envoy, the children delivered their demands and communiqué.

Following this experience, Telge Energi chose to yearly honor a young person who has shown exceptional efforts to enhance their own and future generations’ futures.

As a result, the Children’s Climate Prize was created.


The prizewinners are honored in a gala ceremony in Stockholm, Sweden.

They are awarded a certificate, a medal, and a reward of SEK 100,000 to help them continue working on their initiatives.

Children’s Climate Prize Requirements

  • The Prize is given to a young person between the ages of 12 and 17 who have made steps to help our world become more sustainable.
  • The Prize might be given to a single person, a group, or an organization.
  • Nominations might come from family, friends, instructors, or other associated parties. You may also put yourself up for consideration.

Criteria for Children’s Climate Prize 

Nominations are accepted from all across the globe. If you or someone you know has done any of the following, you are invited to nominate them:

  • An initiative or a project
  • An innovation, mechanism, or device
  • A person or group that is involved in some manner with climate change, the environment, nature, or animals.

It might be a brand-new, continuing, or finished project or program with a strong environmental or climatic emphasis.


Before May 15, 2022, nominate yourself or a candidate.

There will be no late nominations allowed.

Children’s Climate Prize Deadline

Click Here to Submit
For More Information: Visit this page
Deadline: May 15, 2022

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