Can I use HND for Masters?

Can I use HND for Masters?

This is not a question asked by only you.

It has not proven to be that you are ignorant about the HND or Masters but I do believe that you need a better explanation.

That is the reason we have to take this topic today to inform you more about it and clear your doubt.

However, it will not only clear your thought but it will as well build your knowledge on education issues.

But before I move forward to inform you about whether you can use HND for Masters.

Let me first tell you the difference between HND and Masters.

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What is HND?

HND is the abbrevation of the word “Higher National Diploma”.

This is an education qualification offered to the student that attained Polytechnics in Nigeria for five years or college in the UK.

The first phase of its polytechnic certificate is OND – Ordinary National Diploma.

After the completion of your two years in any vocational course, you will be offered an Ordinary National Diploma.

You can use this degree to work in any company or organization while waiting for your HND admission or direct entry to University.

Before you start an HND in any polytechnic, you will be required to provide 12-months of industrial training in any organization.

However, University direct entry requirements those not require you to provide a 12-month industrial training for admission.

Basically, A Higher National Diploma is an academic higher education qualification that was first known in the United Kingdom.

Qualification of the same title is also offered in Argentina, India, Malta, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, and some other countries with British ties.

The Nigerian HND degree is offered through NBTE accredited polytechnics both private and public.

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What is a Master’s degree?

Let us make this simple to you and the way you will understand it.

Master’s degree is a degree that is given to a student by a college or university usually after one or two years of additional study following a bachelor’s degree.

More explanation needed right!

A Master’s degree is obtainable after a student has become a graduate of that discipline with an additional one or two years of intensive study.

Besides, that can take you more years in addition to complete your master’s degree.

But first, you must be a graduate from that discipline or related field of study.

Now let me get to answer that question “Can I use HND for Masters?”.

Can I use HND for Masters?

NO! You cannot use HND for a master’s in most of the universities in the world including Nigeria.

HND – Higher National Diploma is a polytechnic degree in Nigeria or a college degree in the UK or other countries.

For you to use your HND for a Master’s, you need to apply for direct entry admission into any university or choose a PGD – Postgraduate diploma.

Most of these universities will admit you into level 200 or 300 for that respective discipline only if you meet their required criteria.

A student with Pass in HND cannot be offered admission into a direct entry or might but it will be hard to have one.

However, there is still good news for students in Nigeria because there is only one university so far in Nigeria that can accept students with HND for masters.

But is not all the field of interest you will be allow to enroll for masters.

So far as we know, the University of Lagos is the only University in Nigeria that accepts HND for Masters’s.

The University of Lagos still has a few master’s programmes you can do with your HND without needing to do PGD to be qualified.

Try and find out from UNiLAG the Master’s degree that is accepted with HND.


Do we have a final word for you concerning whether you can use HND for Masters?

Yes! The short answer is that HND holders are placed as level 200 students in University.

You can only do a master’s with your Bachelor’s degree by gaining direct admission into level 200 or 300.

However, another way you can use your HND for a Master’s is by applying for a Postgraduate degree which is PGD.

This type of degree last for 18 months through 24 months depends on the university for HND holder and third class student who want to do a masters degree.

I hope this article help you with your question.

If you need our help directly or not still clear with the answer, simply reply to the post in the comment and we will be kind to help you out.

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  1. But with my knowledge of understanding. The federal government has made HND=BSC.
    So therefore you can now apply for a master’s degree directly with your HND.

  2. but the FGN has approved the equation of hnd and bsc. even to the extent of applying for msc.

  3. This write up is clear and will be assisting me in making decision on next move….

  4. Can you tell me the universities that offer postgraduate diploma admission to HND holders in the uk?

    Best regards