Campus Solutions Programme seeks Student Journalists in West Africa for Reporting Project (Paid)

The Campus Solutions Programme is searching for student journalists to write articles about good deviants in West African education systems.

Campus Solutions Programme

This reporting project will employ fifteen (15) campus journalists for six months to capture, via narrative, societal responses to challenges plaguing West Africa’s education system and other connected topics with proof. They’ll also discuss how, despite the constraints and/or hurdles, the answers are having a beneficial impact on the problems.

The art of solution writing and reporting will be taught to these campus writers/journalists and journalism/communication students.

Participants will be given the responsibility of establishing and/or assisting in the formation of solutions journalism (SoJo) units in their respective college press organizations. Periodic training, SoJo resources, and possibilities for further development will be provided to these units as needed.


  • Selected participants will be named Campus Solutions Ambassadors and will get training in the art of solution reporting from SoJo reporters, educators, and experts from throughout Africa.
  • A $100 stipend will be given to each Campus Solutions Ambassador to explore a long-form solution narrative.
  • They’ll pledge to form solutions journalism units at their respective school news organizations.
  • Their work will be cross-published via their individual college press platforms and the I-79 Media Consults website’s Campus Solutions section.
  • The work of the Campus Solutions Ambassadors will be featured in Campus Echoes, a monthly publication focused on reporting on solutions in the West African education scene.
  • Their work may be considered for inclusion in the SJN Story Tracker, which has over 10,000 solutions stories from across the world.
  • They will have access to an expanding network of African and international solution journalists and mentors.

Campus Solutions Programme | Eligibility Criteria

  • You must be a current student in a West African educational institution.
  • Must be up to date on all events and occurrences both on and off-campus.
  • Must be affiliated with a campus press or be able to demonstrate intentions for publishing on campus.
  • Two web links/evidence of previously published works are required.
  • a brief bio
  • Two societal reactions to difficulties affecting your school, its surroundings, and/or your country’s education system are pitched in two different ways.
  • A letter of introduction from your editor or the platform of your university newspaper.
  • Minority and underserved populations are encouraged to apply, and they are accepted.

How to Apply for the Campus Solutions Programme

On or before Friday, April 8, 2022, at 5 p.m. (WAT), complete the application form below.

To apply, go to this link.

Deadline: April 8, 2022

Visit Campus Solutions for more details.

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