Business Incubator Communities (BIC) Africa Acceleration Program 2022

Are you a lady from Angola, Ethiopia, Madagascar, or Somalia who wants to start a business? Do you want to take your company to the next level and grow it? Women entrepreneurs may apply now for the Business Incubator Communities (BIC) Africa Acceleration Program 2022.

BIC Africa Acceleration Program

The second cohort of the Online Acceleration Program for Women Entrepreneurs from Angola, Ethiopia, Madagascar, and Somalia was established by BIC Africa, with funding from the European Union. Through a combination of live training modules, coaching sessions, exercises, and a mentoring program with women experts from Africa and Europe with extensive experience in supporting innovative entrepreneurs and start-ups, the program will support 15 women business owners across all sectors and business types.


The following items will be included in the program:

  • Eight live training courses.
  • 4 sessions of group coaching
  • 3 networking opportunities
  • Exercising and gaining access to supporting materials
  • International mentorship support for an ad hoc helpdesk
  • a certificate of appreciation
  • Applicant must be a woman (minimum age of 18) who is the founder/owner of a company that has already been established and has significant growth potential, or an entrepreneur working on a project concept with high growth potential.

Requirements for the BIC Africa Acceleration Program

  • Being a citizen of Angola, Ethiopia, Madagascar, or Somalia is required.
  • Be available to participate in the Program between May and September 2022, with a maximum of 2 hours each week for online sessions + time to work independently and reflect on the learnings.
  • Already have a business/project and want to expand it?
  • Demonstrate a commitment to participation in all Acceleration Program activities and aiding with future program enhancements.
    Have a consistent internet connection.
  • Have an excellent understanding of the English language.

Selection Criteria

Women who have innovative and/or high-growth potential initiatives or businesses will be chosen based on the following criteria:

  • The pertinence of the project, product, or service – 10 Points
  • Innovation and impact on the community – 10 Points
  • Entrepreneurial profile/team – 10 Points
  • The growth potential of the project or start-up – 20 Points
  • Feasibility of project, product, or service – 20 Points
  • Investment readiness – 10 Points

How to Apply for the BIC Africa Acceleration Program

By May 9, 2022, at 6:30 p.m. CET, complete the application form.

To apply, go to this link.

Visit BIC Acceleration Program for more details.

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