The Best University In North Africa (2022)

In this article, you’ll get to know The Best University in North Africa Right Now.

Africa is a huge and diverse continent for life-changing adventures.

However, if you decide to study in Africa, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to explore different cultures, landscapes, and sights.

I know you may be wondering which University is the best in North Africa Right Now.

If you have, then this article is made especially for you.

The Best University In North Africa Right Now

The University below is currently the best in North Africa Right Now.

Cairo University

Cairo University has successfully been undertaking its mission of delivering education, research, and cultural duties over the years.

However, It is considered as the mother university among other younger universities in Egypt.

The University is also offering its education and research facilities to Arab and foreign students and scientists and has become well known worldwide.

It is a comprehensive institution of higher learning located in Giza, Egypt. 

Moreover, the institution is committed to preparing students for the challenges of a rapidly changing workplace.

Through interactive learning and information technologies, our graduates enter the workforce with the skills needed to succeed in today’s global marketplaces.

History of Cairo University

Below is a brief history of Cairo University.

Cairo University was established on 21 December 1908.

It was known as the Egyptian University from 1908 to 1940.

Its main campus is in Giza, immediately across the Nile from Cairo.

Cairo University was founded as a European-inspired civil university, in contrast to the religious university of Al Azhar, and became the prime indigenous model for other state universities.

However, after being housed in various parts of Cairo, its faculties, beginning with the Faculty of Arts, were established on its current main campus in Giza in October 1929.

It is the second oldest institution of higher education in Egypt after Al Azhar University.

Moreover, it was founded and funded as the Egyptian University by a committee of private citizens with royal patronage in 1908 and became a state institution under King Fuad I in 1925.

Following his death in 1940, the University has renamed King Fuad I University in his honor.

It was renamed a second time after the Egyptian revolution of 1952.

Currently, the University enrolls approximately 155,000 students in 20 faculties and 3 institutions.

Also, it counts three Nobel Laureates among its graduates.

And is one of the 50 largest institutions of higher education in the world by enrollment.

Between 2006 to 2009 more modern programmes were introduced into the institution.

In 1928, the first group of female students enrolled at the university.

World Ranking

Cairo University is usually ranked among the top universities in Egypt, and one of the top universities in Africa.

In the ARWU 2020 ranking, the university was ranked 1st in Egypt, and also rated 401-500 worldwide.

In QS ranking 2021, Cairo University was ranked 2nd in Egypt and 6th across Africa, and it was rated 561-570 worldwide.

According to the Center for World University Rankings (CWUR) 2020-21, the university was ranked 1st in Egypt, and 558th worldwide.

Mission statement

Enhance university capabilities and potentialities by developing its human and financial resources, and improving the academic abilities of its staff members and their assistants, to prepare them for the age of science and technological revolution.

In this respect, the university has adopted unconventional methods to develop the system of academic research in order to meet the needs of society and research and to encourage its scholars and researchers.


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