Best Online Jobs for College/University Students in 2022

In 2022, below are the top 7 online jobs for college/university students: Working while going to school is a good way for a student to pay for their education.

7 Best Online Jobs for College

However, finding well-paying employment that you can manage with school and extracurricular activities is tough.

These seven online freelancing jobs for students presented on this website can assist you in having a regular check from working as a student.

7 Best Online Jobs for College Students

  1. Social Media Manager
  2. Online Tutor
  3. Data Entry Clerk
  4. Resume Writer
  5. Web Bugs Evaluator
  6. Specialist Blogger
  7. Independent writer or Editor

1. A Social Media Manager

Payment Rate: $15-$40/hour

7 Best Online Jobs for College

Working with an organization’s social media accounts might provide you with a way to earn money on your own time.

It’s also a fun way to connect with organizations you care about.

A social media manager is someone who maintains an organization’s social media accounts, updating them with relevant information in order to increase engagement and social interaction with the page’s followers and the social community.

2. Online Tutor

Payment Rate: $13-$20/hour or more

7 Best Online Jobs for College

Start your own mentorship company by putting your educational knowledge assets and information online.

Individual and undergraduate coaching courses are available.

It’s not only academic information that may be sold; tutoring in music, handicraft, online media, design, and other fields can also be sold.

3. Data Entry Clerk

Payment Rate: $9-$16/hour

A data entry clerk’s job entails collecting data in hardcopy and entering it into databases or a computer file system.

These aren’t the highest-paying web-based professions, but they don’t need a lot of expertise.

All you need is a computer and access to the internet.

4. Resume Writer

Payment Rate: $15-$25/hour

Do you know someone who is about to graduate from high school or is looking for a new job? Propose to help them tidy up their résumé in preparation for a new job. Even as a student, this is one of the simplest methods to make fast money.

5. Web bugs Evaluator

Payment Rate: $12-$15/hour

7 Best Online Jobs for College

Cleaning bugs may pay up to $15 per hour, equivalent to Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.

Web crawlers are still full of problems, despite regular revisions to their computations.

They rely on actual people to review query items and provide feedback on quality, accuracy, and usability.

That is where you should enter.

This may need a few IT abilities that may be learned in a short period of time (sometimes even 3weeks)

6. Specialist Blogger

Payment Rate: fluctuates

Contributing to a blog may earn you money. You could be a contributor to some of the most popular blogs online if you don’t own the site.

You may be compensated via large promotions, associate adverts, sponsored content, or even affiliate marketing if you specialize in writing exceptional articles.

7. Independent Writer or Editor

Pay: differs; $50+ per article

7 Best Online Jobs for College

It’s similar to #6 above, except this time it’s more of a freelance writer situation. An independent writer works only for himself or herself.

The writer may anchor a column in one magazine/newspaper, or, more often, write hot selling subjects for multiple different magazines at the same time, depending on how much they can handle.

You have complete control over your schedule, gig selection, and fee structure. The greatest part is that you get paid to talk about almost anything!


You’ll need flexible employment that fits in with your academic calendar if you want to work and study as a student.

Working as a student may be enjoyable, particularly if you select one of the 7 BEST ONLINE JOBS FOR COLLEGE STUDENTS IN 2022.

Please keep in mind that the purpose of this post is to provide you with the finest suggestions for how you may generate money while still being a student.

The wage rates are simply indicative and may vary based on where you live.

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