The Best Investment With No Risk!

I wouldn’t know what exactly are your thoughts but this article is certainly not about telling you to invest in Crypto, Forex, real estate, or some other ones your ears have become dead to hearing because you have heard about them countless times. Such investments are good if done rightly.

However, they are not the reason for today’s discussion. I guess they would be for another.

What could be the investment you should make that will outweigh the aforementioned?

Will such investment stand the test of time?

What kind of return on investment(ROI) does such investment yield?

The questions above might be your thoughts.

Even if they are not, the answers to all of them will be given but before then, let’s refresh on the concept of investment to ensure that we are still on the right track.

In an investment system, there exist two seasons; farming and harvest season

The quality of your harvest season is dependent on the quality of your farming season.

The farming season comes with discomfort and uncertainties while the harvest season turns the discomfort and uncertainties into comfort and certainties.

The degree of your comfort is determined during the farming season.

One good thing about the investment system is that it is predictable. In addition to that, you are in full control.

Now, the best investment you should make is; SELF INVESTMENT.


Self-investment will certainly stand the test of time and it’s sure to yield over 1000 returns on investment(ROI)

Here comes another question; how should you invest in yourself?

The best way to invest in yourself is to leverage the 4 types of currencies below;

1) Time Currency

2) Knowledge Currency

3) People Currency

4) Money Currency

1. Time Currency:

In your journey to investing in yourself, time is a currency that you should hold so dearly. 

It is a birthright. Both the rich and the poor are privileged to have it because it is FREE.

Sadly, a lot of people have abused it, hence the reason they will receive little or no return on investment(ROI) if they continue to abuse it.

The degree of your money currency is dependent on how you use your time currency.

To ensure you effectively make use of your time, engage yourself with doing the 3 things below;

Build a personal brand:

A personal brand is the future for you. It will help you remain at the top and is a panacea for a saturated market!

Be intentional about building a personal brand though it takes time, it is rewarding.

Building a personal brand is a productive way to spend your time and it yields a very good return in the long run if done rightly.

One of the easiest ways to start building your personal brand today is to consistently create and publish valuable content geared towards the identity you want your personal brand to represent.

Acquire refined and relevant knowledge:

If you want to enjoy massive ROI, acquire refined/relevant knowledge, and then turn the knowledge into assets.

The world won’t pay you for your head knowledge.

The world will pay you for what you can do and the assets you have created.

Spend your time building a quality network and relationship with people:

Your network plays a vital role in the degree of your net worth.

Money moves in a circle.

If money does not move in your circle, break out of the circle and build a fresh network that will attract money movement.

2. Knowledge Currency

Knowledge Currency

The knowledge industry is a lucrative one and to tap into the currency, do the following;

Read transformational and mind drilling books, listen to beneficial podcasts, pay for quality and result-oriented training, learn a high-income skill.


There is a difference between a high-income profession (like LAW),

 A high-income job (like being a TOP MOBILE STAFF) and a HIGH-INCOME SKILL (like Digital Marketing)

The first two take a longer time, training, and resources.

The last one can be learned in months and the financial benefit is equivalent to the first two or even MORE.

TRUTH/FACT; some DIGITAL MARKETERS earn a lot more than lawyers (high-income profession).

Listen once more, it’s not a bad idea to learn how to sow cloth, make hair, do makeup, do electrician work, and the like.

 The question is; do you have a plan to have a global entrance?

Those things can serve as a source of income but then LEARN A HIGH-INCOME SKILL that allows you to legally collect peoples’ money from any part of the world.

BENCHMARK; work towards establishing at least 7 sources of income.

I am not just telling you. It is also biblical.

You can read Ecclesiastes 11: 2 (read it with NIV) if you would love to.

Lest I forget, ensure you have a mentor who has achieved what you desire to achieve. Stay under his tutelage.

Learning under his directives and guidance will shorten your learning curve.

Be wise in the way you spend your time in your journey to tapping into knowledge currency.

3. People Currency

A lot of people treat this currency with levity. Sadly, they are not aware that they are leaving a lot on the table with such an attitude. 

Building the right relationship with people is key in tapping into this currency.

Listen! “Man is money and money is man” the moment you understand that you will become more intentional about your public perception and the way you relate to others.

See eh, your friends and family are not with the money you are looking for.

They are not the ones that will yield the massive ROI you are expecting.

These things will come from strangers but until you give out the value and build the right relationship with these strangers, you will not receive.

The two categories of people that are vital to your relationship and network building are;

  • Your mentors
  • Your tribe

Serve your mentors well and learn from them.

Transfer your learning to your tribe.

Give so much value to your tribe such that the only way they can define and describe you is “embodiment of value”

4. Money Currency:

This is the least type of currency which is the reason I wrote it as the last.

If you want to tap into the money currency, utilize the first 3 currencies and watch if money will not flow in your direction.

Money is simply the by-product of time, knowledge, and people’s currencies.

The value of your money currency is dependent on the way you leverage the other currencies.

The truth is that we all expect a monetary return on any investment (there may be some exceptions anyways) but then, the belief holds.

So as you are investing in yourself leveraging the first 3 currencies, leverage them the best way you can because the degree of your monetary returns is dependent on them.

This article was written by EzendukaOnyinye

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