Ahmadu Bello University School Fees 2022

Ahmadu Bello University(ABU) is one of the best universities in Nigeria and West Africa.

In this article, I’ll be sharing in detail everything you need to know about ABU, School Fees, Admission, Accommodation, and Student Life.

This article will also serve as a guide to freshers and for those who intend to further their studies in ABU.

If you intend to pitch your tent with the Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, it is important you carefully read this article.

Brief History 

Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) is a federal government research university located in Zaria, Kaduna State.

ABU was founded on October 4, 1962, as the University of Northern Nigeria.

The university operates three main campuses: Samaru and Kongo in Zaria, and the School of Basic Studies in Funtua. 

However, the Samaru campus houses the administrative offices, sciences, social sciences, arts and languages, education, environmental design, engineering, medical sciences agricultural sciences, and research facilities. 

The Kongo campus hosts the Faculties of Law and Administration.

The Faculty of Administration consists of Accounting, Business Administration, Local Government, and Development Studies and Public Administration Departments.

Additionally, the university is responsible for a variety of other institutions and programs at other locations.

The university is named after the Sardauna of Sokoto, Alhaji Sir Ahmadu Bello, the first premier of Northern Nigeria.

The university runs a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate programs (and offers associate degrees and vocational and remedial programs).

ABU has a large medical program with its own A.B.U. Teaching Hospital is one of the largest teaching hospitals in Nigeria and Africa.

However, It was founded to be the University of Northern Nigeria.

Yet, more than any other of Nigeria’s universities, ABU has served students from every state of the Nigerian federation.

Over the years, ABU has been affected by national political instability.

The very fact of ABU’s strikingly “national character” (in drawing students and staff from an unusually broad range of Nigeria’s regional, ethnic and religious communities) may incline the institution to internal instability. 

Certainly, ABU has been among Nigeria’s universities that have suffered the most from closures.

Yet ABU continues to occupy a particularly important place among Nigerian universities.

As it approaches its half-century anniversary, ABU can claim to be the most extensive of universities in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Currently, it covers a land area of 7,000 hectares and encompasses 12 academic faculties, a postgraduate school, and 82 academic departments. 

It has five institutes, six specialized centers, a Division of Agricultural Colleges, demonstration secondary and primary schools, as well as extension and consultancy services which provide a variety of services to the wider society.

The total student enrollment in the university’s degree and sub-degree programs is about 35,000, drawn from every state of Nigeria, from Africa, and the rest of the world.

There are about 1,400 academic and research staff and 5,000 support staff.

Moreover, the university has nurtured two new institutions: Bayero University Kano and the Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University of Technology, Bauchi.

Some 27 tertiary institutions made up of colleges of education, polytechnics, and schools of basic or preliminary studies are affiliated with it.

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School Fees

No.ABU School FeesRange
1.Freshers (Depends On Department)N25,500 to N44,500
2.Returning StudentsN14,500 toN39,500

School Fees by Faculty

 Faculty New Students School Fees Old Student School Fees
Faculty of Administration N40,500 N23,000
Faculty of Agriculture N40,500 N23,000
Faculty of Art N39,500 N23,000
Faculty of Education N39,500 N23,000
Faculty of Engineering N43,500 N24,500
Faculty of Environmental Design N40,500 N23,000
Faculty of Law N40,500 N23,000
Faculty of Medicine N44,500 N27,000
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science N44,500 N27,000
Science Faculty N44,700 N27,000
Faculty of Social Science N39,500 N23,000
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine N44,500 N27,000

The acceptance fee is N50,000, all newly admitted students are expected to pay this money under a stipulated period if not they stand a chance of losing their admission.

So if you are at 100 level take note of this the school might refuse to clear you or prevent you from doing the necessary documentation that all newly admitted students must-do if you fail to pay this fee.

Note: always keep all your receipts intact up till your final year because Ahmadu Bello University Zaria will require you of this receipt before you graduate from the school.

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Ahmadu Bello University Zaria offers several ranges of programmes ranging from diploma, certificate courses, undergraduate to postgraduate programmes. 

To apply or find out more check below.

  • A candidate wishing to enroll for a Postgraduate Diploma, Masters, MPhil, or Doctoral degree in Ahmadu Bello University shall apply for provisional admission, through the SPGS.
  • Applications for admission for Postgraduate studies shall be made online.
  • All candidates shall supply the names of three academic referees.
  • Candidates seeking admission for Postgraduate studies must, in addition, fulfill the general University basic requirements including English Language and Mathematics where applicable.
  • The SPGS shall forward the application of each candidate to the Departments through the Dean of the relevant Faculty for consideration and recommendation.
  • The Departments through the Faculty/Academic Boards shall forward a recommended list of candidates along with a provisional list of supervisors in each case to the Board of the SPGS.
  • The University shall not be obliged to give reasons for rejecting the candidature of any applicant for postgraduate studies.
  • First Class graduates of ABU shall be considered for an M.Phil/Ph.D. admission; 3rd Class + PGD qualifies an applicant for Master’s admission and a minimum CGPA of 3.5 is required for a straight Ph.D. admission.
  • Upon admission and registration, there shall be options/choices for flexible payments and registration plans within the allowable residency of postgraduate programmes as approved by the University.
  • There shall be procedures of admission and registration as determined by the SPGS Board, subject to periodic review.
  • Detailed procedure for admission and registration would be as approved by the SPGS Board
  • International Students shall be required to satisfy all immigration requirements during their

Undergraduate Admissions

The Joint Admissions Matriculation Board (JAMB) is the body responsible for university undergraduate admissions.


The University has eighteen (18) Halls of residence capable of accommodating only about 33% of the total student population of the University.

As low as it might look, this is the largest on-campus student accommodation provided by any University in Nigeria.

The University is striving to expand its capacity for on-campus accommodation by partnering with private investors on – Build-Operate and Transfer (BOT) basis.

Ten (10) of the eighteen Halls (Akenzua, Amina, Alexander, Danfodio, ICSA, Ramat, Ribadu, Suleiman, Dangote and Shehu Idris) are in the Main Campus.

While two (2), Asma’u Mustapha and Aliyu Mustapha Halls are located at Shika in the Teaching Hospital accommodating the female and male Medical and Nursing Students respectively who are in their clinical training phase.

Amina, Suleiman, Alex, and Ribadu halls accommodate female students. The remaining six (6) are at the Kongo Campus.

These comprise Ali Akilu, Tafawa Balewa, Hostels 1, 2, and 3, Bedside, and Sardauna. Hostels 1 and 2, Bedside, and Sardauna halls accommodate only female students.

Hostel Accommodation fee is N15,000 per student( for fresh and returning).

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Student life

ABU has a conducive environment for learning and other extra-curricular activities.

The university also has different academic societies and clubs for students who are interested in a particular field of study.

Also, ABU has an active internet supply for students and staff, with that students and staff can carry out online research and also perform other online tasks.


Ahmadu Bello University is one of the best universities in Nigeria today.

The relatively affordable ABU Zaria school fees make it easy for students from low-income families to gain admission into the university.

The school is known for upholding the best international practices in its teachings and activities; it equally preserves the lifestyle and culture of its host community without also forgetting to promote the interests of the host community.

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