African Development Bank Innovation Lab Program 2022

The African Development Bank Innovation Lab Program 2022 is currently accepting applications.

African Development Bank Innovation Lab Program

Do you own a business incubator, accelerator, or fund that helps new and growing businesses?

Are you looking to take your entrepreneurial support group to the next level?

Do you want to improve the quality of your programs, interact with your community more effectively, and keep your work and influence going?

ESO360 collaborates with your ESO to improve the long-term viability of your organization and the quality of the entrepreneur support services you provide.

The program employs a one-of-a-kind and customized strategy that analyzes the development of your ESO from numerous perspectives via a 360-degree evaluation and assistance, allowing your business to thrive holistically.

They first learn about your ESO’s requirements and goals, then create and offer a mix of training seminars, assistance, and best practices as required.

Benefits of African Development Bank Innovation Lab Program 

As a result of the Program, you will be able to:


Evaluate your entrepreneurship support service delivery capabilities and capacities.

Boost your support for businesses.

Strengthen and strengthen entrepreneurial support and BDS services and skills; training subjects might include but are not limited to, investment preparedness (for entrepreneurs and ESOs), company planning, fundraising program development, and so forth.

Obtain certification.

Frankfurt School of Finance and Management offers certification.

Make your fundraising plan more effective.

Examine your organization’s strengths and capabilities in terms of long-term viability, communication, and fundraising.

Individualized capacity development and growth planning

Use the Hub Collective to create your own growth strategy to improve your ESO’s communications and fundraising readiness.

Grant fundraising strategy, revenue and income source planning, donor and private sector interaction, and other subjects might be covered in training.

Acquire experience

Through targeted assistance and active participation with other ESOs, gain practical experience and best practices.

Use the VC4A startup academy to your advantage.

Use the VC4A Startup Academy’s best business courses for blended learning sessions as part of your startup assistance programs.

Become a VC4A partner and get access to VC4A partner tools.

To manage your venture pipeline in a sensible manner, become onboarded and have access to the VC4A application and selection tools.

African Development Bank Innovation Lab Program Requirements

  • Applicants from Côte d’Ivoire, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, or South Africa are eligible to apply.
  • At least two years of company operations and audited financial statements;
  • With a workforce of more than 5 full-time workers (including the founders),
  • At least two completed incubation/acceleration programs with at least 20 sponsored and/or financed startups;
  • Between April and June 2022, at least one member of the executive team will be accessible for virtual training and assistance.

Selection Criteria

  • Management and Leadership – 30%
  • Sustainability and Aspirations – 30%
  • Programs and Impact – 25%
  • Community and Communications – 15%

Application for African Development Bank Innovation Lab Program 

This capacity building and assistance initiative are open to qualifying business incubators, accelerators, and fund managers.

To Apply, Click Here
For More Information: Visit this Page
Deadline: January 2, 2022

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