ADB Visiting Fellowship Program 2022

The ADB Visiting Fellowship Program 2022 is now accepting applications.

ADB Visiting Fellowship Program

The ADB Visiting Fellowship Program provides an excellent chance for academics and students to present their recently completed economic study at the ADB’s Manila headquarters.

ADB welcomes applications throughout the year.

Students meet with professionals from the ADB’s Economic Research and Regional Cooperation Development (ERCD) and other departments throughout this program.

The debate on new ideas and methodologies, as well as providing advice on future studies, will continue.

Candidates with a PhD or equivalent in economics or similar subjects are eligible to apply for this program.

This fellowship is completely funded. This program is open to students from the ADB’s member nations.

Because of its inventiveness and competitive character, this program is a significant opportunity for students.

The study is being carried out at the ADB under the supervision of world-class educators and economists.

The visiting fellow may remain at ADB for a minimum of two days and a maximum of ten days.

People from 60 nations work with the Asian Development Bank, which has 31 state offices across the globe.

They assure Asia’s economic progress.

Researchers may choose from a variety of study areas in this fellowship program, including management, science, economics, and other development-related disciplines. This program’s application procedure is quite competitive.

This program offers several advantages; further information about this program may be found below.


  • Program: ADB Visiting fellowship program
  • Host country: Philippines
  • Program location: Headquarters in Manila

ADB’s Research topics

  • Aid and Development
  • Behavior and Decision Making
  • Economics of Climate Change
  • Employment and Labor Markets
  • Financial Sector Development
  • Governance and Institutions
  • Growth and Structural Transformation
  • Human Capital
  • Infrastructure and Software
  • International Trade and Finance
  • Macroeconomics
  • Money and Finance
  • Poverty, MDGs and Inclusive Growth
  • Project Economic Analysis
  • Regional Public Goods
  • Social Protection
  • Trade and Investment


The ADB program has a number of advantages.

  • Fellows will be supplied with a round-trip economy class ticket.
  • The cost of the visa will be reimbursed.
  • Visiting fellows will be provided a one-time stipend of $100.
  • There is office space available.
  • Fellows will be given monthly housing allowances to cover their daily living expenses.

ADB Visiting Fellowship Program Requirements

To be eligible for the ADB fellowship program, students must meet the following requirements.

  • Candidates must be citizens of ADB member nations.
  • A PhD or similar degree in economics or comparable subjects is required.
  • Candidates must agree to have their work published in ADB working papers.
  • Candidates must finish their research within a defined time frame.

Selection Criteria for ADB Visiting Fellowship Program

  • The following are the two methods for selecting candidates for the ADB fellowship program.
  • Competitive selection: Students are chosen based on their experience and skills in this sort of selection.
  • Direct selection: In this category, pupils are chosen in a case to work with a certain person.

Documents Required

For the ADB visiting fellowship program, the following papers are necessary.


Letter of introduction

Description of the study

Material for the presentation

If there is one, a draft document.

How To Apply for ADB Visiting Fellowship Program

Candidates must fill out an application form online and submit it to an official email address.

With your application form, provide all of the relevant documentation.

Candidates must give a description of their current research project.

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